Monday, April 12, 2010


History of Arts and Design 1, Semester 1 Final Project, Advertising & Reinvention Campaign.

Theme: Apocalypse
Tag line: Make your last bite worth it.
Description: If you're going to be devoured by giant chicken or killed by laser eyes, why not enjoy your last bite of Kentucky Fried Chicken? It's definitely worth it!
Promoting : Kentucky Fried Chicken

Photographed and edited by : Wong Voon Fei
Background Photomanipulation : Kael (me)
Software : Adobe Photoshop cs4
Time taken : 2 weeks
Stock Photos : Stock.XCHNG


hyrohiku said...

Apocalypse with giant chicken! Now, that is something else.

羅倫斯 said...

haaa!! VERY interesting!!
i like the second one
Revenge is coming~~~!! haa