Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I dont know any good title for this one~'D
Anyway, another girl artwork.
Enjoyed the rocks, messy tones, i dont noe the screentone actual angles or watever about it, so dont take too hard on the toning~
Comment pls, tell me wat u feel not right about this piece=)

:: Pencil on paper + Photoshop CS3 for toning

Lineart version : [link]

Friday, July 25, 2008


Orange;Female anatomy practice.
The pose is from a Fashion Magazine;Mina:D
Didnt mean to copy the pose, but just for practise purpose^_^
Comment pls, i think her shoes is weird~;)

:: Traditional Pencilled + photoshop options


Hehe, Superman,young superman.
A quickie before sleep,Grayscale was done later=)
Lame bg thoXD and...this angle was hard lol.
uhh practise,practise,practise!
and don forget to critic,cheers!;)

:: Sketch + PainterIX and lil bit photoshop effect

©Character copyright to the owner

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Drew this in one hour,inspired by *fkcsantaclaus 's latest deviation, and ~bramLeech's strawberry[link] ~XD
Enjoy this one alot,its simple but i really love it.
Hope u'll like it too,C&C are always welcomed=)

:: Painter IX + Tablet

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Done! but too dark....i think?
Coz my photoshop skills arent dat good yet to color his clothes nicely.Still need alot of practices...
I kept think dat this piece is lack of sth but i dono wat it is.
Anyway,thanks to *cottonwings for some suggestions!=)
Comment pls, and hope everyone love my new try!:D

:: Photoshop cs3 + tablet

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Was bored yesterday so drew this,a quickie as well!
Tried new coloring style,inspired from a good friend in deviantART; Andy
The head looks abit weird,but biarlah hahaXD

::Photoshop cs3 + tablet


Hehe new blog header, enjoy doing this one alot, was fun!
So what's ur mood today? mine is the yellow one!XD
:: PainterIX + Photoshopcs3 + Tablet


Bookmark gift for my mom's friend,mom ask me to draw lol.
the roughness proves a speedy work;)
Hope everyone like it!
:: Pencil + Photoshop cs3