Saturday, February 20, 2016


This painting started around early 2014 but I just couldnt find the right feeling to finish it back then. In this painting I shows myself bringing a big teddy bear to give it to her, so when she misses me she can hug the teddy. That's what I did when we first started long distance relationship. It's been going on for about 7 years now, and the painting shows the moment where I miss her the most, which is when I travel back to meet her. The few hours flight seems to take forever. I'm not sure if I like it but it definitely made us appreciate our time together much much more!

Personally I find it really hard to bring this painting to life because I dont know what to add in it to make it interesting enough. The subjects are very simple, and the background has got nothing interesting to deliver. In the end I tried to use colors and shapes to hopefully make it appealing. 


Hey guys, so somewhere in 2014 a few friends and I were chit chatting about our hobbies and whatnot. We realized we've been buying and collecting lots of artbooks all these years and so we thought, why not we make one ourselves instead. It will be a whole new meaningful experience as we have zero knowledge in it. All we have is just our love for artbooks!
Our goal is to firstly try to improve and make a breakthrough in our art, and secondly to make a book where artbook lovers would love to collect as well. There's still a lot for us to improve in making an artbook, so we will keep on learning and hopefully bring more awesome stuff for you guys. And finally here's a "proper" preview album for this Milky Overdrive artbook!

Featured artists are :
1.) Hoi Mun aka Numioh :
2.) Jarold Sng :
3.) Johnson Ting :
4.) Kael Ngu :
5.) Sk Tneh :
6.) Wenjuinn Png :
7.) Zhi Hui aka Kudaman :