Friday, August 13, 2010


The most beautiful thing wasn't the rainy day...
It was the eaves that you and I once took shelter from the rain.


The Process :
In this painting, I worked all the way in Corel Painter IX with a graphic tablet, Wacom Bamboo Fun.
From start to finish, I only used one layer and also with the same brush. Read further if u're interested to know how i painted the image. Enjoy~
Sketched out the gesture of Jay and Kwai Lun Mei, following the reference i found from the net.Here, I make sure the proportions of the characters are fine, and roughly sketched out the position of other small stuff (ie the bike and the figures in the bg)

Roughly sketch out the shape and form of the main character in the painting.

Further refine it, made a cleaner version of it. I personally love to paint from dark to light, so here i added the darkest part for both of the character in the foreground.

Blocked out the rough shapes for the background, I'm going to focus on the 2 characters in the foreground, so in the end the figures in the bg will be manually blurred out.

Worked further on the background, applied some details to the one nearer to the subject (wall)

Started to add a brighter value in order to kill the flat-ness in the painting.

Further blend the background with the same brush, to create an out of focus effect.

Added the bike, same process as those mentioned above, from sketch>shape>dark>light

Sent in Photoshop for a little edit over the value, made it brighter in order to bring a better mood to the painting. Jobs done~