Friday, May 4, 2012


Been awhile since my last update, not quite used to this new blogger interface though. Here's something from me, not much cuz I'm slacking off. Bleh
 A life drawing in Pencil, inked by pen.
Ballpoint pen sketches, some were from newspapers and imagination, while some were from Kim Jung-gi's 2011 Sketch collection.

Ballpoint and blue pencil sketches of my girlfriend.

Don't rape me.

2 colour studies from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Maya for base mesh, Zbrush for details sculpting, polypainting and rendering, Photoshop and After Effect for compositing.

Rentap, an original design by me of a warrior from Sarawak, Malaysia.

And a Dragon sculpt, also an original design by me that's so ordinary :p anyway this practices have to increase!
Also dont forget to check out the turntable for both of them. Yes, you have to.

LOL I'm even lazy to type. Till the next time :p