Friday, May 11, 2012


More studies, I'm trying to keep a practice of doing two movie still studies from each movie I watched. Eventhough I knew it wont last long but heck better than none. Need to push myself or else I'm dropping out.

Anyway just some extra thing, I feel like sharing for a bit.
(I'm not a professional so correct me if I'm wrong alrite?)

There's no colour picking in these studies if you ask. When I first started doing these studies, I did use eyedropper tool to study the colour around the original reference. However I found that it's not so practical because I cant seem to remember what colour I used. I'm forcing my brain to remember the hues, value and saturation from the one I eyedropped, so just like reading a textbook, I forget it after I done. 

Hence I decided to abandon that technique and force myself to pick colour on my own. It is a bizarre case at first as I'm picking such ugly colours that even my toe nails couldnt accept it. Picking colour on my own really works, as I myself is making the decision, not the eyedropper. I remember any shitty colours my eyes had chose and because I cant accept it, I remember it. And if I chose the right one, I'll be happy and because I'm happy, I remember it. Sounds stupid but it works.

So practice makes perfect. My eyes slowly react to these colours and became more sensitive towards any changes in them in each studies I did. It's not 100% accurate, but I can at least get a 90% down by my own eye judgement. Isnt that great? I cant even believe that I can do it as I've a mindset that I just couldnt choose the right colours before this. Screw that shit I just didnt practice. 

So if you wanna try this, I'd advice you not to use the eyedropper. Maybe you can use it when you first started to get the idea of how things works, but it's not gonna do any use if you do it long term. Try to face the ugly truth and force yourself to paint with your eye judgement after a few tryout. 

And for those wandering what does this studies do? It is to train your eye judgement and colour sense. To train your observation skill and how you train your mind to to be tricked by what it see. What benefit will you gain from it? You'll have a solid idea of how to match colours that seems weird together. In real life, not all the time the skin colour is greenish brown. It could be purple, blue, etc depends on the lighting set up. So by doing these studies, you can find out in different situations there will be a different hues for each objects and still look believable when putting together. 

These are my own purpose of doing these studies btw, different artist had a different mindset, some are already good in colour but still do it, maybe to update their colour library, or some even wanna practice human figure, perspective drawing, light and mood, composition, etc. It depends on what you're looking for so know what you want to gain from it. 

Put this here as I kinda like the lines in this one lol. Been awhile since I draw any figure studies so kinda miss it.

Cheers and see you again!