Friday, September 12, 2008


This is the two artworks i demo during pameran in school today, Joker took me half an hour, while Kym took me 4 hours.I must say today is the best day in school ever!! For the 1st time i do a demo in front of so many people,together with some of my friends.Thank u very very much for those who came by and support,never expected there'll be so many stopping at our booth!! I was very nervous when people came and see me drawing, but a while later not anymore.It was going fun=D
More and more people came,I can felt the croud but i didnt dare to turn my head aroundXD Me and Christopher Fowler was doing computer graphic(CG), while John Bosco was drawing portrait by charging rm2 each.Congratz to him, for he managed to earn about RM32!=)
I dont know wat to say anymore, but i really enjoy my day today.A priceless experience for a youngster like me.Thanks alot again, really appreciate ur support today!!!

:: Photoshop cs3 + tablet
:: For reference link pls visit my deviantART