Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here are part of some simple sketches i did as practice in my sketch book.I put them all in one, so abit messy.For ur information, every poses of characters in there are copied from Manga by TAKESHI OBATA (Bakuman) and BENJAMIN ZHANG(Remember).Didnt trace but i drew them out.Nothing wrong with it rite?
I tried to draw out poses in those mangas which i rarely draw,so i can try to use when i draw comic next time.Each character took about 10-15 minutes.Press Download for bigger view,thanks!


:: Ink on paper , edited in PS3
:: sht i forgot the texture belongs to who!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This is the finished product for Chun Li WIP i posted in my deviantART last time. Damn fun to color alvin's lineart, hope you'll like it!
Its still abit crappy here and there, i'll try to make them neater next time.Again, merry christmas and happy new year!!:D

:: PainterIX and Wacom Bamboo Fun(i lost da photoshop file so i start another one in painterXD)
:: Alvin Lee's Lineart : Click


I'm back from Brunei!haha just in time and Merry Christmas to everyone!!:D
A speed one, hope u dont mine! about 1+ hour!
I'll post more soon, till then,enjoy ur day!=)

:: Pencil and photoshopcs3
:: Texture by :devveredgf: Click


Hyuga Hinata speedpaint while chatting with friends.About 1 hour.Nothing much,Hope u like it=)

:: Photoshop cs3
:: Hyuga Hinata from NARUTO by Kishimoto Masashi


I took a break...from doing serious artworks hahaXD Well I came up with simple fanart pieces instead, hope it wont be bad. Here are some Marvel and DC heroes,
Each hero took about 10-30 minutes, lineart in SAI and edited in Photoshop cs3.Hope u like it:p
(oh i noe some of the tonings are not very good.I need to learn and observe more marvel comics)

:: Characters copyrighted by MARVEL and DC comics.