Saturday, April 17, 2010


Referenced from HULK by Marko Djurdjevic


My Figure Sketching assignments, all of these are done in A3 layout pad, I've learnt alot in this semester, learnt about the ideal proportion of human head, facial features, shading techniques, tonal values, composition, overall feeling and finishing of the artwork. I hope you can see the improvement, from the earlier piece to the bottom one, because i can see them myself. Even so, i still cant capture one's feature that well, and thus most of them doesnt really look alike to the reference. Comments and critiques are welcome, thank you very much for viewing.


>This is the first still life drawing my lecturer asked us to do in the first class, before any lessons were carried out, to see how much we know about still life drawing.

>Line drawings, we're required to observe the form and structure of the still life we're going to draw, and at the same time, maintain a perfect proportion of each object, the distances and the thickness, based on the "form forms form" theory. You can see the objects were getting more and more complicated as the lesson continues.

>These are the home assignments, at first we're required to draw 2 versions, which is the form study, and the value study. After that, we're asked to draw a complete value study based on what we've got in our real life, we can choose the topic ourselves, and which is why i enjoy it alot during the process.

>We started to do shading this time, i've learnt about tonal values, light and shadows, types of shadings, and composition in each lessons, I realized my proportion is still not very good, the same for the value changes, and overall finishing. Some times i'm too rushed, and sometimes i'm too easily self satisfied, which is a very serious problem for an artist. I shall never repeat the same mistake again, thanks alot to my lecturer, Yanning and Hoean for the guide thruout the whole semester. I put out my best in the final piece, which is the exam, and i quite like the result of it, i wasnt rushing, i tried to carry out each stroke carefully and neatly, i keep the proportion right, planned a better composition, and finished it tidily. It wasnt the best compared to others, but i've tried my best by applying everything i've learnt into that final piece. I hope i didnt disappoint my lecturer, I will post the artwork here after its given back, thank you very much for viewing. Comments and critiques are always welcome!