Monday, December 20, 2010


Duel Gundam Assault Shroud, my very 1st free gundam haha


Everyone starts from zero, nobody can draw good when they first start, unless they're born genius.
Practice makes perfect, I'm drawing almost everyday since 13, there's time when i felt like giving up, but nothing can stop my passion in arts, comments and critiques from friends and pals gave me spirit to keep rocking. My mum helped me alot, she gave a big support, and always comments on my works when they doesnt look right. Thanks to my mum! and all those that support me thus far.


A collaboration with :iconholywiz: , we both work on it till the lineart stage, then coloured it in two different styles. He is doing cell shading [link] (check his out, his one is impressive as well :D ), while mine is painting. First time making a multi-character collage art, learnt alot, and alot more to learn! Comments and critiques pls, thank you very much.

:: Photoshop cs5
:: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto Masashi