Sunday, November 22, 2015


Super duper rough sketch

Basic lines with flat tones

Rendering time! Fun time!

Flat colors for Multiply layer on top of the grayscale rendering


Overwatch fan art of LĂșcio. Experimented with a new coloring method which I found useful for a color sucker like me. The process is fairly simple....just paint a grayscale version, then multiply a flat color on top of it. After that I just slightly applied some more color changes through Overlay or Color mode. Anyway despite all the process shits....OVERWATCH IS AWESOME!


This aint from Inktober 2015, just a daily sketch in office. Tried to draw my colleague's original character, BISHAMON. Middle ink sketch is by him! :D
Some sketches from Inktober 2015, after awhile it kinda became Biketober 2015 after a bunch of artists started drawing bikes, mainly inspired by the crazy master Puppeteer Lee! This year's entries are totally sick, everyone is just awesome. Till next year, guys!

Monday, August 3, 2015


Hearthstone fan art. The game is addictive O.O

For sweetieee~~! I'm playing around with layouts lately so my recent works will have some graphic design stuff in them :O

Something quick to get myself inspired!

And lastly a sketch done in a sketching session with a few kickass artists.
That's it folks!

Saturday, July 4, 2015


I'm looking at a lot of korean artists' work lately on Artstation, super inspired by their RPG game character designs so decided to come up with one myself. Here's some steps from the initial anatomy study to the costume development, rendering it up and then colorize to bring him to life. I'm really sucky with colors so I hope I can tackle that part more in the next artwork. 

Monday, May 18, 2015


Watched Mad Max IV with colleagues the other day, and I was stoned from the start to the end. We went in with high expectations and still got our ass kicked! Such a good movie in every aspect, satisfaction guaranteed. Go and watch it if you havent, it's a work of art! I'm super inspired after the movie and ended spending my entire weekend working on this piece. Never had so much fun painting bikes before, it used to be a very hard subject for me personally but now I'm in love with them. Hope
you guys love it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


My colleagues and I are producing some A2 prints to hang on in office so I thought I'll go for a group shot of people. We're doing it black and white + a flat background color, and after browsing master Kim Jung Gi's sketchbook, I decided to draw tattoos and some figure's back, inspired by master Kim's artwork! I drew each of the characters separately so it's easier for me to adjust the spacing and scaling later on. Was a really fun piece to work on! Hope you guys dig.

Friday, February 13, 2015


Recently having fun in a challenge on facebook, where artist tagged have to post 3 artworks per day for 5 consecutive days, doesnt matter new or old. I was tagged by one of my favourite artist of all time, Puppeteer Lee. His works inspired me a lot and seeing him submitting new sketches specially for this challenge really motivates me to do the same. Since having something new and never seen before is more meaningful for this challenge, I go ahead and commit a 5-day sketch series everyday after working hour. I came up with a series of masks men, as I'm really fascinated by all kind of masks from around the world...and draw them in my own style! Here are the sketches so hope you guys enjoy, cuz I really do!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hey guys! First update of the year. I guess this is the fastest update between the last post in my blogging history LOL. Anyway happy new year everyone!! Here's my first painting in 2015, an image inspired by The Hobbit III. Personally I really love the armor designs especially among the dwarfs, despite being pretty disappointed in the film. Oh well, hope you guys have a good year ahead! Enjoy some steps too!