Thursday, December 20, 2012


Decided to speedpaint a cityscape after being inspired by some artbooks I bought lately. 
Never has the gut to try it but here's the first step. Hopefully there's more to come! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


A few days ago I attended my college's One Art Club activity, Kim Jung-gi Sketching Marathon, One Step to Penang. The artist I admired so much recently finally came to visit my country, I can only say that I'm very lucky to be able to join the fun. Very inspiring sharing session by the master himself, definitely motivating. Here's some pictures to share the moment.

Master Kim on the first day of the event, sketching live in public.
Finally, we had a chance to see him draw!

The drawing by Master Kim.

At Galeri Seni Mutiara, Whiteaways Arcade Beach Street Penang.
Photo's courtesy of Hyunjin Kim

Finishing the masterpiece in The One Academy Penang.
Photo's courtesy of I-ON 01
Final product by Kim Jung-gi. Awesomeness overload!!
Photo's courtesy of The One Academy Penang.
Finally we had our chance to take a photo with Master Kim Jung-gi(middle),
right after he finished his demo. I'm the red shirt geek.
Met this famous cartoonist from Gempakstarz, Keith(middle).
He's known for his Lawak Kampus comic strip in a local magazine.

And of course, a photo with the Principal/Managing Director of The One Academy Penang,
Mr. Leong Hoy Yoke. (middle black). It's such an honor to meet him in person.

Of course, I joined the fun as well. 
Like I'm gonna miss the chance to sketch together with so many geeks!

A few live sketches I did during Kim Jung-gi's Sketching Marathon in Penang.
Pen on Paper