Friday, July 2, 2010


*edited upon lecturer's taste...sooory tony jaa...

Final project for computer graphic design 2 class, we're required to create a movie poster based on malaysian folktales, using photo montage technique. I finished it early so that i can focus on other projects.


My entry for a local competition, to design a universe's most deadly predator, which mine turned out to be not deadly at all XD I tried to paint using colors straight, the result arent very satisfying, still weak in color and lighting management. anyway, learning never stop, i just have to keep trying. Even if its not a very good design, but still, hope you like a predator with wings, if the one in the movies have it, then i dont think human will get the chance to escape, yknow, they are already king on ground =D

:: Photoshop cs4
:: Predator belongs to respective owner