Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Comic Possession 2nd page,I was actually plan to show the 1st page only,but i personally really love the 2nd page,so i decided to post another one.Alot of proportion errors i realized,my bad.and i'm practising with crosshatch,sorry for the messiness too.But i was satisfied with the crosshatch on da last panel.Learnt alot too.And i will be honest,i cheated on screetone(last panel zoom lines).This is bcoz i forgot to add da lines after scanning,and i was lazy to scan the inked one,so i add it using photoshop.Please tell me what i can do to make my comic looks better,and tell me whats wrong in this one too,thank u very much!!
:: Inked traditionally and toned in Photoshop CS3

and 2nd art gift;Daisuke from DN Angel(which doesnt look like him at allXD)