Thursday, November 24, 2011


Main Character, Wu Chen.

In this place, people from a small village used to pray to a god, Zhong Kui 鍾馗 who is the Vanquisher of ghost . They build a statue for him as a pay of respect for the peace that he brought to them. Unfortunately many died before the sculpture was completed and it was eventually stopped as the place seems to be very evil. Hence the statue of Zhong Kui remains guarding at the place, However it's not vanquishing ghosts and demons but human beings. Rumours said Zhong Kui is angry at human for abandoning the plan, and some said ghosts and demons have taken over the place. Whatever it is, nobody dares to get near the statue as no one ever returns after stepping on the ground of Zhong Kui Valley.

Le Zhun Cave(乐尊洞), a place where the villain Qin Kui lives. Here Qin Kui kept most of his captured victims sealed in the ground of the caves, slowly consuming them day by day. Souls tried to escape but were trapped among the cursed marking on the ground.

Hi guys, these are the background concept art for my college assignment, we're required to come out with a story and design 3 characters (a main, and two villains), a "level A" background which is exterior, and also a "level B" background which is interior. Do give me your comments so that I can know where to improve on, thank you so much!!