Thursday, May 7, 2009


30min doodle in PS cs3, kinda Cuson style, drew it after looking at several walkthru from Cuson's blog...
Exam season. Stressing season. Kinda feel old. Old fart rocks XD
take care everyone! drink more water!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


5th one. Did it last weekend but just got my tablet back from my friend, so now then i have the time to put some monochrome into it. I did some copy2 stuff again, there's reference from Death Note(Takeshi Obata), Le Gardenie(Benny Wong), Naruto(Kishimoto Masashi) and some pose references from the great ~bobbistock
Each character took about 15-30 minutes.Press Download for bigger view,thanks!!

:: Pencil/ink on paper , edited in PS3
Sketch Junk 1
Sketch Junk 2
Sketch Junk 3
Sketch Junk 4