Wednesday, February 3, 2016


My first personal work in 2016 is finally done! I tried to challenge myself to illustrate a scene with multiple characters, and trying to find a balance to work from grayscale to colors. Initially I thought of presenting the "Year of the monkey" theme with new monkey designs or look but I gave up halfway when I'm trying to control the entire painting so I wont lose interest in it. There's just too much stuff to take care in this kind of painting and I find myself lack of the patience and skills to make everything perfect. So I guess I'll have to improve it next time. Also I repainted the entire image straight with fresh colors instead of converting them using layer modes from my initial grayscale painting, mainly because I failed to find a way to convert them nicely and the image just ended up so muddy and dirty with those layer modes. There's a lot of struggle in this painting but I'm really glad that I managed to pull it off to a certain degree where I still love it. Alright guys, hope you guys dig and happy chinese new year!


Some recent ink sketches on paper. Trying to improve myself inking a better readability!