Sunday, November 22, 2015


Super duper rough sketch

Basic lines with flat tones

Rendering time! Fun time!

Flat colors for Multiply layer on top of the grayscale rendering


Overwatch fan art of LĂșcio. Experimented with a new coloring method which I found useful for a color sucker like me. The process is fairly simple....just paint a grayscale version, then multiply a flat color on top of it. After that I just slightly applied some more color changes through Overlay or Color mode. Anyway despite all the process shits....OVERWATCH IS AWESOME!


This aint from Inktober 2015, just a daily sketch in office. Tried to draw my colleague's original character, BISHAMON. Middle ink sketch is by him! :D
Some sketches from Inktober 2015, after awhile it kinda became Biketober 2015 after a bunch of artists started drawing bikes, mainly inspired by the crazy master Puppeteer Lee! This year's entries are totally sick, everyone is just awesome. Till next year, guys!