Thursday, August 11, 2011







Hi guys, this is my college's 3d modelling assignment, we're require to get any reference from the internet that we like, and build a 3d model based on it.
I've chose to model out Eugenio GarcĂ­a Villarreal's 3d model in CGSociety.
This was meant to be for study and practice purpose, So I hope it's ok for me to do this lol.

Everything was modeled in Autodesk Maya, and textured in Adobe Photoshop cs5, on and off in 13 weeks. Seriously this was really fun to do, learnt a lot during this 13 weeks, felt really worth it. More to come in the future!

Comments are always appreciated, so dont be easy on me.


Puteri Gunung Ledang Exterior Concept Art - Majapahit Istanate

Puteri Gunung Ledang Interior Concept Art - Majapahit Meeting Hall

Hi guys, these are my Concept Art class final project. This time we're assigned to redesign any movies chosen by ourselves that is somehow lack of design aspect and looks plain or not very interesting in terms of architecture or surrounding. And yeap the movie that we chose to redesign is Puteri Gunung Ledang (2004), a local made film. We've found that the backgrounds, landscapes and surroundings that were filmed in the movie is pretty poor or not very well defined to show the epicness of the culture there. I've picked out two out of the many poor locations, which is the Majapahit Istanate and their Meeting Hall. In the movie, yes I cant really fell the designs of the architecture. They barely show it lol...anyway not much crap, here are my final outcome. Eventhough I didnt succeed to please myself, but I hope you guys will dig :)