Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Hey guys! Another update before saying goodbye to year 2014. Another year has passed just like that, so many things happened and I had no idea how fast those stuff come and go. Time flies by in a blink of an eye and I certainly have no regret of what I did and encounter this year. As usual, I'm learning a lot of stuff from my full time job thanks to my super inspiring art lead Hoi Mun, ex colleague the famous Johnson Ting (creator of Neo Japan), messed up colleague Sao Keong, the guy who loves to paint sexy chicks and also last but not least the stylized guy Kudaman, who just joined the team! You guys should check them out if you havent, they are my daily motivation who constantly make me wanna push myself to another level.

I've also decided to stop doing freelance after working hours, reason is very simple, it's time to try and develop something for myself and also to create more original artworks. Before this, all I'm doing is just draw and paint stuff without a certain direction or deep thoughts, and therefore my works ended up being too varied in style and so I thought maybe I should focus on finding the right feel everytime I paint something. Which I then created another portfolio site in Tumblr, that only collects paintings that I personally really like and resembles me in my artistic journey. In it you guys will notice a few pieces of Muddled, this is my first personal project which focus on comic development and it's gonna be dark. Inspiration came after visiting Venice, an interesting city of maze...ideas kept pouring when I walked in it so lets not let it go to waste. I'm gonna take time and develop it so in coming time I will release pieces of Muddled and hope the final comic will see the light of the day soon. 

Alright I think that's all I wanted to share, Enjoy the last few pieces until we move on to the next 365 days! Merry Christmas and happy new year guys!
Special little gift for my little sweetie! ;D

Christmas art for this year! Really no idea what to write but still felt like putting something in haha.

Artwork painted after watching Insterstellar and Gravity, two very inspiring sci fi film recently!

Trying to get back to the habit of sketching

Another cafe sketching~


Sicher said...

you're awesome, Kael

yeahm happy new year too. hope you'll get involved in a really big project next year

Kael Ngu said...

Thank you very much!! Hahah not much people viewing my blog nowadays, so im pretty surprised to get a comment. Hope all goes well with you too!

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