Monday, August 23, 2010


Gnomon workshop August 2010
Kowloon Walled City

Another entry for Gnomon monthly challenge, its been awhile since i paint such background, altho there's perspective and composition flaws in this particular painting, but I'm still satisfied with the result of it, despite i did not use any perspective guides nor rules of third XD anyway, hope you like it, comments pls, and thanks alot for viewing.

The Process :


langD said...

you imagine yourself?

Kael said...

yeap, with the help of a few building photo references

Anonymous said...

hey kael!

this is awesome! as usual. but i wanted to ask, how did you give different hues to different sections in the picture after you finished drawing in grayscale?

Kael said...

Hey ther!
thanks alot for the visit, just play with the layer options, i used overlay, softlight, screen, lighten, color and whatnot. these works together to give a more natural hues combinations, just play with them :)