Monday, October 5, 2009


Bakat baru Komik Malaysia 2009 result is already out! And I finally made it into the final!!My name is printed in COMIC KING magazine issue #113 finalist,

Here are all the finalists :

Here's a scan from the magazine :

I wonder why they highlighted my name in RED =_="

*Close up*


Macy Phoo said...

Haha congrats kael! It must be super exciting for you leh~! Hope you can get an awesome prize!!

Sam Fong (a.k.a Saberox) said...

Wow! Congrats pal! With your talented skill, I know you sure can get it! I saw my name in the Illustration finalist too (yellow name) but the display artwork is not mine lah... so not sure is that correct! So have to wait for the confirmation letter first lah! >_<

Kael said...

Macy : thank you!!!

Sam Fong : thank u very much for the support!! and congratulations to you too, didnt noe that was you!! aiks, sure correct one...dats their printing mistake oni!!

Sam Fong (a.k.a Saberox) said...

I see, hope there will nothing wrong with the result lah! Thanks for your congrats too! All the best! ^u^

XXIN said...


Kael said...

Thanks alot guys!!