Sunday, August 2, 2009


A pencil portrait drawing i did for my art project, i have to replace the old one with a realistic drawing like this, because the teacher said the previous was too manga-like. lol. now i dont know how shud i color it in traditional!

anyway, recognize this hot guy? he's refered from here:D
anyone know his name pls tell me, dat title was random!

comment and critiques pls, i rarely do pencil portrait(or never!) so...some parts can get better after more practices i guess=)

:: Pencil on drawing block
:: Toned in Photoshopcs3

Some random speedpaintings, the apple and orange are done in Painter IX using Acrylics brush(each took about 20 minutes), while the panda is done in Photoshop using custom brushes(45 minutes). Painted using reference photos.

I'll keep updating from time to time, enjoy!^_^


Kyoukazuu said...

man ur good, i mean GOOD
really rare to c people our age to be as gud as u XD
care for a friendship?

Kael said...

thanks alot,Kyoukazuu!
u're as good too!
hey no problem for sure, nice to meet u!^__^

Kyoukazuu said...

XD thx dude
msn add:
really wanna get to know u more XD

Kael said...

added u! see ya in msn! =D