Monday, June 22, 2009


A contest entry for =keiichi93's June's Animé Fanart Contest, the theme is Just too Cute. The little kid is my original character during primary school, i always draw him doing stupid stuff in my exercise books. Its been so long that i last drew him, and its really fun to bring those memory back...
Well, i think i never try painting this style before, something chibi and cute. The painting style is a little different too, i try to render a smoother look on both of them to give a soft, warm and cute feeling. Dont know if it works, but experimenting with new stuff is always fun!
Comment and critique pls, i've spotted one big mistake myself, i think the kid is so gonna slip down soonXD
anyway, enjoy and thank u very much for viewing! does the kid went up there..? ;D

:: Photoshop cs3

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