Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I try to doodle this girl's boyfriend:D
there's some anatomical error, but i hope its not so serious. anyway have fun! Inverno means winter in Italian! xD

:: Photoshop cs3


Piano_lover said...

what do you wanna show in this drawing?

can i suggest 1 thing?

when you draw a paint, can you write it out the story?bcos i dun have sense of art, so i do not understand what is behind the paint


Kael said...

hello piano lover, thank u very much for the visit!!
in this drawing there's no meaning behind it, i'm just simply doodling while chatting with friends~

some artworks are for fun to fill up the boredom, while some are conceptual.

conceptual artworks usually develops a very clear message behind it, so it doesnt really concern the sense of art, a good art itself will tell the story when u look at it^_^

i'm not a good artist myself yet, stil learning and doing my best to deliver the message by art, but not all my arts contains message or story, because i drew alot of doodles and sketches as practices~