Sunday, November 9, 2008


~Agito666's request, his OC;Aki.
This character is so damn cool, fun when drawing it!! I redesigned/modified a lil bit of her costume, hope u dont mine, agito:p
Reference used when drawing tat sniper rifle (steyr ssg 69) tho.Phew, so long i didnt do cell cg, this one took me real long.Hmm, if possible, give me some comments on my female character drawing this time, been experimenting and looking on alot of female drawings on the net, learnt sth new as well=) oh yeah dont be too rough on the anatomy guys, i'm trying real hard to get it look okayXD
Alrite, enjoy~

:: Photoshop cs3
:: Lineart : [link]
::©Character belongs to ~Agito666

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