Thursday, October 23, 2008


I helped a friend to trace out a t-shirt design using Photoshop and applied colours to it.I changed the back design coz its quite simple and plain looking=)
Only 3 colours are allowed,I hope i do good.

:: Photoshop cs3


sushi hime (the sushi princess) said...

Lol you're damn helpful =w=

The graphics are simple but enough to fit in the t-shirt design. What bugs me a lot is the text design. It would be better if you put in a bit more effort by searching more font design in the internet. That doesn't fit in the design, seriously. >:

Kael said...

haha thank you thank you, i did searched, and the girl wan sleep d, so i just straight away choose a simple font put in lor.need it the next day le =|