Friday, October 10, 2008


Ironman fanart.I think this is the most challenging pic i ever drew,took me about 2 weeks,paint it while resting from exam revisions.I learnt to use grid to draw this time, so i guess i wont go off proportion that much anymore.And most importantly unlike the Capricorn piece, this time i select/pick my own colors and not using the Eyedropper Tool in Photoshop.I was happy with the outcome, but not that satisfied,for the blending is really really bad.Yeah, i went too far...should go back and practise my basic drawing skills after exam=) hmm do gv some comment and critic pls, tell me what u think about it,thanks alot~

:: Everything done in Photoshop cs3
:: Reference(rite, its not really 100% alike)
:: ©Ironman from Marvel Comics

1 comment:

ZARA said...


This is nice, I mean the character that u choosed, Iron Man.

Maybe as u mentioned, you need to sharpen your skills more on drawing bro~

But yeah, it's a nice drawing~