Wednesday, October 1, 2008



Photoshop cs3 Hand Drawn^

Woohooo!!!! Jay Chou just released his new album;Capricorn(魔杰座)!!XD
So another portrait art, jay chou as the model again 'D
Urm, with colors this time, tell me what u think , what can make it look better, thank u very much!=)


Michael Chuah said...

amazing drawing, really like tracing from the original~

welldone~ this pic is good for practice the highlight & contrast of potrait.

yeah! i love this album very much~

Kael said...

thanks alot michael!
yeah this album very nice, i like 失落非主流!! =D

Tara Graphic said...


Looks like the real thing!

Cool stuff man...Nice drawing.

Kael said...

thanks alot tara!=)

ZARA said...

My Lovely Jay Chou~

He never failed make me love him whether I don't know the songs that he sang literally~

U are using CS3 as well~

I'm using that as well [me very amateur one...T_T]...

This is really good~
Congrats Kael!

Kael said...

thanks alot zara, keep playing around with photoshop, its just like a friend, the more u talk and play with them, the more u get to know them.
yup jay chou always give us something refreshing in every album of his, support him forever~