Saturday, July 12, 2008


Was bored yesterday so drew this,a quickie as well!
Tried new coloring style,inspired from a good friend in deviantART; Andy
The head looks abit weird,but biarlah hahaXD

::Photoshop cs3 + tablet


sushi hime (the sushi princess) said...

I'll write this again.. =_=

From what I saw, you don't put enough effort on this piece. Obviously it doesn't bring out what its going to say. I can't tell where she is, because there is no elements that are related to the beach. Like you know, beach balls, summer hat, seagulls, swimsuit, bright colours..

Other than that, try to look for references. That's the only way if you want to create an expressive artwork. Lets say: the girl in this piece does not express it out well. She is more like an ordinary person who smiles in front of the camera, done.

No, art is not like that.

There are so many resources to look for, try to do some research. ;)

The pose is the major problem in here. She shouldn't be standing at the corner, instead the girl should be having a great fun at the beach. For instance, she could be catching a volleyball in a game, drinking a cooling orange juice, or maybe swimming too, and even putting on suntan and such.

Observation... is important, very essential I must say. I strongly advise you to look for references. Don't just use your imagination, because we all know that we're not professionals. Our imagination is limited. So which is why we have to observe more things, read more, enjoy more.

Ok the end.

Kael said...

hahahaa thank u very much for writting for long long again!XD
agree on everything, but its so strict lol, like a quickie must think very deep oso meh? like dat no fun le lor, hehee