Monday, May 26, 2008


My 1st comic in 2008,its the 8 pages comic i workin on for the 2 weeks holiday.It's titled Possession.Its been long since i last draw comic,i apologize for any flaws,my hand shakes alot when inking,u can see how messy it was...But stil,hope everyone will like it.Comments and Critic pls,needed dat,thanks.

::Traditional Inked(Unipin0.1 only) + Photoshop CS3 for toning.

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Michael Chuah said...

overall it's fine. i can see tat you are working hard on the background.

remember one thing, try to potrait full body, half body, close up and side view in a page comic. which this can help you to express the depth of the background & more interesting composition.

this is about cropping~
to learn more you can look for this 2 books in kino, scott mccloud's understanding comic & making comic.

the theory really help on develping comic. btw it's english written, but easy understanding.

do carefull of the girl porpotional~