Saturday, May 17, 2008


Lineart by :iconbramLeech:Bram
CG-ed by :iconkael360:Kael
Original CG-ed version by Bram :: Click here
This is a Collaboration artwork with my favourite artist,Bram.
The lineart is done by him, and i coloured it digitally.
Having alot of fun colouring,and this artwork colouring was the longest time i've spent.I started the coloring since end of last year,and after alot of delays,i've done it tonite.
I love the colors, but i hate the messiness.
Bram told me to go back to practise my traditional skill and dont jump into digital colouring b4 i master my basic skills.
I understand what he tried to say,but i did digital coloring for now is for freshing up my mind.=)
I'm practising my traditionals as well,until i realized.I've improved in drawing but deproved in studying...


shUaNg said...

fancy tis AVATAR..
bcoz the original cartoon's coloring is wide n vibrant..
caught me an eye..
n u did tis well too ^^
keep it up !!

Kael said...

thank u very very much!!=)